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Our vision is to offer the integration market no fuzz, easy to implement integration tools without  “special features” in the standard version so that you can keep the integration task to an easy matter without spending weeks in implementation.

This will enable your company to maintain the system without the need of extra training or expensive consulting. All our products are designed to be lean so that they can perform the required tasks in a fast, reliable and cost efficient way.

All products are written in 100 % pure Java so that system integration is no problem. Additionally all products come with an easy Graphical User Interface as well as a well structured but short documentation as well as the possibility for support.

We like to keep all our dealings with our customers simple, therefore we will offer you our business model in the following paragraph.

In selling the software there will be no sales person involved who usually can’t provide you with the answers and only cost money. Therefore we will sell these tools only via internet or via VAR.

If you need any extra features in one of our products or a customisation we are happy to help.