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Accent XML Transformer

                   (coming soon)

If you need to transform XML to XML you can develop a XSL(T) and parse the XML through it. This however means that you need to be a developer with very good XSL(T) skills, as you will not only have to learn XPath, but also need to work your way around Namespaces and many other special features.

With the Accent XML Transformer you will not only get a tool for writing the XSL code for you, but also to transform your XML documents from any XML format to another XML format. You will be able to this without any programming knowledge by simply entering the input structure and the desired output structure in a Graphical User Interface.

This tool will therefore eliminate any programming for:

  • Writing XSL code
  • Developing custom made XML transformation Parsers

at a price of just 12.95 £

Please notice that the tool will just transform from and to XML messages that are coherent with the W3 standard. It also only caters only for 1 dimensional choice elements.