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Accent Transformation Gateway

Transform EDI, HL7, SWIFT, CSV, FIX or any flat file to XML, CSV for database or ecommerce site upload or any other data format for small bucks.The Accent Transformation Gateway is designed to transform any delimited or plain positioned text data source in another data format. With the Accent Transformation Gateway you can receive an EDI file transform it into a CSV and upload it in a database with a SQL loader. You can also transform any file to EDI, HL7, SWIFT, CSV, FIX or any flat file. The Accent Transformation Gateway will do the translation on the fly once you have customized it. The customization can be done without any programming knowledge.

New: With the Introduction of the Version 2 you will now also be able to handle multi-dimensional data structures such as unlimited numbers of lines used i.e. in the Order cycle of EDI messages. With Version 2 you also have the key to create EDI or HL7 files from any other format or the other way around. This will give you the flexibility not to only use the Accent Transformation Gateway as an ETL tool but as generic Gateway for EDI(FACT) , HL7 and many other sophisticated data formats. With Version 2 you will own your very own generic parser for EDI and HL7 as well as for many other data formats that can operate without any programming knowledge.

The Accent Transformation Gateway is written in 100 % Java so that the transformation can happen on any platform. The customization functions via a graphical user interface. The Gateway once started will function as a service in checking for any new files automatically and after transformation placing it in another folder. If you want to run Accent Transformation Gateway under Windows you can use Jserv to run it as a service that will automatically start with the server.

If you need any support please use our support page. If you would like any other features in the product just send us an email as we are here to help you.

With the Accent Transformation Gateway you have nearly endless possibilities for your production environment why we will only show 3 possible architectures: Additional features could also involve the scanning in fixed forms and transforming them into text files and transform them in any given format. If you should require any help with the design of a solution we are here to help you.